Why Niuniubabe (牛牛babe)?

Everyone who visited my blog often asked me why do you name your blog ‘niuniubabe’. It is almost impossible to pronounce. Why choose a name like that?

Here is my reply in case you are curious too.

‘niuniubabe’ also known as ‘牛牛babe’ is my chosen blog name for two very important reasons, that are close to my heart.

First, I was born in the year of the Ox (牛) in 1973. There is a folk tales that claims that a person born in the year of the Ox is a hard-working and resilient individual. He/she will face life with a enormous dose of optimism and pragmatism despite mounting odds going against him/her. This certainly reflected my personality reasonably accurately. And I like the thought of me living up to the folk tales. Never back down, never quit and always positive despite being bombarded by the hard knocks of life. I also hope that my blog can encourage people to be like an Ox regardless of which year they are born.

Second, I am a big fan of the movie series ‘Babe’. I like Babe’s personality in particular. His gentle kindness to other animals. His inquisitive and curious mind. His altruistic giving nature. His courage to challenge the status quo and institute big changes even amidst the pressures of conforming to the social norms. I aspire to become like Babe. In the world filled with hate, greed and harshness, Babe brings out the best in us. It is my hope and wish that this blog and it’s content can encourage everyone who enjoy reading my blog to be like Babe in every way possible.

Despite how wishful this may sound, I longed for the day when the whole world is filled with people bearing the personality similar to ‘牛牛 babe’.


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