Rock & Roll!

大牛 is a self-proclaimed optimist who spends many hours of his life trying to find life challenges both mentally and physically to overcome. 

Failure is a commonly encountered experience in 大牛’s life. In fact, a large part of his life is spent on dealing and recovering from painful failures. Several good friends of 大牛 once told him that he is probably crazy trying to pursue so many challenging things within his lifetime. One best friend even commented that 大牛 is masochistic.

Secretly, although 大牛 doesn’t want to admit it, he think his best friend is probably right. Unfortunately, it seems that 大牛’s has inherited the ‘never says die’ attitude from his mom and he continues on his journey to challenge one life’s difficulties after another.

大牛 is a firm believer of treating life with a huge dose of humor. It is part of his inner mechanisms that keep him optimistic. He also loves to use humor to spread joy and fun to people around him. Life in 大牛’s term is about being able to let go and enjoy the moment completely occasionally especially during dinner and dance. Secretly, 大牛 think that many people will not take 大牛 seriously after looking at his D&D photos. 🙂

Cyborg 2014

大牛 is a strong advocate of lifelong learning and has a naturally inquisitive mind. He enjoys learning in every possible conventional and unconventional ways, e.g books, documentaries,  games, comics and especially through face to face interactions with people he meets. He particularly enjoys learning from his students and believes that anyone can be anyone teacher. He works hard to make sure that this can happen in his class. His life long learning journey is best described by the famous Chinese proverb presented below. He is constantly iterating and practicing the process of learning faithfully between these phases all his life.

Fairy Tale 2015


大牛passionately enjoys the process of teaching and research on teaching. He loves sharing with people his experiences and the wisdom he learnt from life and from his vast industrial experiences.

大牛 is a Buddhist and believes firmly in the practice of meditation, loving kindness and compassion. He volunteers actively to serve the society but he does so also to fulfill his selfish intent to satisfy his curious mind.

Disclaimer: All the content of this website represents the personal opinions and views of the owner. None of the content here represents the views of the organization that the owner belongs to. Information on this website also may get outdated and readers are advised to read and use the content at your own risk.

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