Because I am the container

On 18 August 2011, I wrote in my facebook status that I were deeply impressed by a group of middle-age man mimicking the dance moves of my once favorite SNSD. I remembered vividly how I reminded myself that I should never stop pushing the boundary of my comfort zone. I dreamed of the day that I can learn how to dance like them. It is a dream that has struck in my mind since then.

In a strange and miraculous turn of event, exactly five years later on 18 August 2016, I was attending the dance trial to join the RC4D (Residential College 4 Dance) interest group. Frightening as it may be to me, there was a sense of excitement in my heart.  I knew that the Divinity has finally given me this rare opportunity to fulfill the promise that I had made to myself.  I am determined not to let the Divinity down this time round and captured this opportunity to learn how to dance from my students.

My wife asked me a good question recently during one of our daily morning walk.

Why are you so interested in dancing which is  obviously completely out of your comfort zone?

To which, I answered something to this effect

I love to live my life pushing the boundary of my comfort zone. Dance is by far the farthest outside my comfort zone at this stage of my life.  I want to see if I really can bridge this gap. I also believe that my body and mind are intertwined. As I train my body, my mind is simultaneously trained  and vice versa. This cycle of reinforcing loop will complete the development of my personal well-being. That’s the two reasons why dance appeals to me.


The conversation I had with my wife reminded me of the many past incidents of similar nature in my life.

comfort zoneI was once told by someone I deeply respected that I didn’t have what it takes to complete a PhD and I should give up the wishful dream of ever obtaining one. It was outside my comfort zone to go against him but I eventually completed my PhD, 8 years later after our conversation.

I was also once told by my love ones that I were crazy to attempt a full marathon when I couldn’t even complete a 2 km without stopping. It was outside my comfort zone to defy the wishes of my love ones, but I eventually completed my first full marathon in 2011, after 2 years of rigorous training.

Life is too short to always follow the safe route. I strive every day looking for the right moment to capture the opportunity to push the boundary of my comfort zone and to break free from the wall that I built unknowingly for myself.

In the words of my favorite actor, Jim Carrey that inspires this blog

I cannot be contained … because I am the container

I want to learn how to dance because I am the container.

Jenson Goh



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